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At 3 hearts canvas, we are passionate about the thriving ecosystem of theatre and all that the performing arts it has to offer audiences, actors, technicians, creatives, and - most-of-all -communities in the UK and beyond.

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Community Engagement


The ways in which we engage with our communities are constantly evolving. Sometimes we host free Q&As or workshops. Sometimes we offer exclusive discounted tickets or Pay What You Can performances and events to communities from socio-economic backgrounds which might hinder them from accessing theatre and the performing arts. Sometimes we simply use our platform to shout about charities and community groups we want to elevate, or raise money for causes we are passionate about. 

Promoting and celebrating equal access to opporunity

Inspired by the work of initiatives such as Open Door, we are especially passionate about helping provide equal access to opportunity in the industry by levelling up across the UK and breaking down nepotism, prejudice, and other barriers. For every project we do, we strive to cast the net as far and wide as possible when finding artists and freelancers to fill roles in the project. We are always overjoyed when people reach out to us directly, so please do feel free contact us here if you are interested in working or collaborating with us.

Some of the work we do

Most recently we visited Kingdom Drama School in London to host a free talk and Q&A to over 100 students. We shared our insights and experiences from our Arts Council-funded R&D for the play Smoke by Kim Davies. The talk focussed on the most effective ways of portraying intimate and sexually violent scenes onstage whilst protecting the mental and physical wellbeing of the actors and all those involved in the creative process. The Q&A allowed students to ask specific questions about how to approach scenes and professional situations which might be challenging or awkward for actors, especially at the start of a career.

Charities and community groups

In our first few years as a production company, we have worked with a range of charities and community groups, including the National Autistic Society and Age UK. Our 2019 production of The Actor's Nightmare at the Park Theatre raised over £500 for the National Autistic Society, and helped educate and inform as many people as possible about the brilliant work they do. We believe that theatre and the performing arts can be a huge force for good. If you feel that we would work well together, please do not hesitate to get in touch via our Contact page.

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