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All money raised goes into creating groundbreaking theatre, film, and music that pushes creative boundaries and treats artists with love & respect. Every little bit makes a difference.

Our upcoming projects:

SMOKE by Kim Davies challenges societal pre-conceptions and prejudices towards BDSM and 'kink' whilst lifting a lid on assault in the BDSM community.

SPIN written and performed by Kate Sumpter, SPIN is a solo-show looking at wellness and toxic fitness culture; a satirical, morality play for a secular society in the throes of late capitalism. 


If you'd like to donate more (thanks so much!) you can do so by contacting us at 

If you donate £100 or more you can become a 'Friend of 3hc' this includes - 

1. Special thanks in the programme of our next project (or whatever project you specify) and on our website 

2. A personalised thank you post-card! 

3. Special access to future 3hc events and exclusive content

Thank you! 3hc x

Donate £5 by clicking the link above! 

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